Department of Biochemistry was established in 1984. Dr. B.K.Soor was the first Head of Department, Dr. L.D. Joshi took the charge from Professor Soor. Following sudden demise of Dr. Joshi, Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava led the department. Currently Dr. Anand Narayan Singh is heading the department since 1st July, 2011. The department is conducting hormonal assays, tumour markers, vitamins levels etc. Training programs are also conducted in department for M.Sc. and B.Tech. students.
Department has Two labs; Under Graduate lab and Post Graduate lab. There is a chemiluminisence Abott Architect i1000 SR machine for hormonal assays. ELISA reader & washer, Biochemical Analyser, Electrolite Analyser, Cooling Centrifuge & Thermal cycler machines are also available in Biochemistry Department. The department provides active support to Post Graduate Students for their M.D, M.S, thesis and other research work.
Recently Department of Biochemistry organized first conference “Recent Advances in Biochemical & Molecular Diagnostics” on 19th-20th February 2016. This symposium was helpful for the participants to get a good exposure to the principle and practice of the various advances techniques.

S. No. Name Designation CV
1 Dr. Anand Narayan Singh Assistant Professor & Head
2 Dr. Prashant Tripathi Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Abha Jyoti Lecturer

  1. Biochemistry for M.B.B.S. Students
  2. Ph.D
  3. Training of M.Sc. students
  4. Training of B.Tech. students

Department of Biochemistry has a chemiluminisence Abott Architect i1000 SR analyser for various hormonal assays. The list of investigations and user charges approved by Govt. of Uttar Pradesh is given below.
Sample collection has been carried out in the Department from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 a.m. 12 p.m.

TSH 70.00
TOTAL T3 70.00
TOTAL T4 70.00
FREE T3 70.00
FREE T4 70.00
TOTAL T3, TOTAL T4, TSH 200.00
FSH 150.00
LH 150.00
FREE PSA 200.00
TOTAL PSA 200.00
CA-125 300.00
CEA 250.00
AFP 250.00
VITAMIN B12 200.00
VITAMIN D 800.00
FOLATE 500.00
ANTI CCP 1000.00
INSULIN 200.00

MD/MS Thesis Completed in the Department

  • MD thesis (Medicine) of Dr. Arisht Jain on topic “To study the correlation between Vitamin D levels and metabolic profile in patients of pre-diabetes and type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • MS thesis (General surgery) of Dr. Sachin Khandelwal on topic “A comparative study of post Operative LFT between low and high pressure laproscopic cholecystectomy”.
  • MD thesis (Pathology) of Dr. Prachi Nayak on topic ‘To study the role of FNAC in evaluation of lymphadenopathy in paediatric age group”.
  • MS thesis (Orthopaedics) of Dr. Utkarsh on topic “Analysis of epidemiological factors and biological markers of Rheunatoid Arthritis”.
  • MD thesis (Anasthesia) of Dr. Ritu Gupta on topic “The course and relationship between plasma selenium concentration, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, sepsis and multioragan failure.
  • MS thesis (General Surgery) of Dr. Amulya Singh on topic “Clinical profile and role of VEGF-C in the prognosis and management of carcinoma breast .
  • MD thesis (Medicine) of Dr. Abhijeet Ranjan on topic “Pevelence of Hypothyroidism in patients of metabolic syndrome”.
  • MD thesis (Medicine) of Dr. Ranjan Kumar on topic “Evaluation of lipid profile in patients with hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke.
  • MD thesis (Pharmacology and Therapeutics) of Dr. Gaurav Gambhir on topic “Study of oral Iron chelator and certain antioxidants (N-acetyl cysteine and Vitamin C) on post ischemic myocardial reperfusion injury”.
  • MS thesis (General surgery) of Dr. Shashwat Tiwari on topic “Clinical profile and role of VEGF-C in oral squamous cell carcinoma in correlation with betel nut chewing-A prospective study”.
  • MD thesis (Medicine) of Dr. Rohit Rai on topic “To study the correlation between vitamin D and Caroid artery intima media thickness in patients of Ischemic stroke.”

MD/MS Thesis running in the Department

  • MD thesis of Dr. Arshit Jain on topic “To study the correlation between Vitamin D levels and metabolic profile in patients of pre diabetes and type2 diabetes Mellitus”.
  • MD thesis of Dr. Priti Singh on topic “Comparative Study on Safety & Efficacy of Glimepride Plus Metmorfin vs Sitagliptin Plus metformin regime in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.”

Recent Advances in Biochemical & Molecular Diagnostics
19th-20th February 2016