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Dr Suniti Pandey

Professor & Head

The department of Anatomy at GSVM Medical College, Kanpur is an old and prestigious Postgraduate department in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was established in 1956. The department has all the infrastructure available with it as required for Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses as per MCI norms including a beautiful museum, air-conditioned departmental library, Histology lab, well aerated and air cooled dissection hall for 200 students and 3 Demonstration rooms. The department also has a air conditioned common faculty room for academic discussions and amicable interaction among faculty and residents. In 2017 a cadaveric skill training and research lab was also established in the department to enhance the interdepartmental interaction and postgraduate teaching of other surgical specialities and super specialities.

S. No. Name Designation CV
1 Dr Suniti Pandey Professor & HOD
2 Dr Alka Nagar Lecturer
3 Dr Nidhi Gupta Lecturer
4 Dr Shailendra Singh Lecturer
5 Dr. Arti Lecturer
6 Mr. Anant Sachan Lecturer

  1. MBBS students are taught anatomy with wide cadaveric exposure during First year.
  2. It is a Postgraduate department with annual intake of 2 MS candidates.
  3. 1 PhD seat in Anatomy

a. DISSECTION HALL – It has a well aerated and air cooled dissection hall for 200 students.
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b. LIBRARY – air-conditioned departmental library
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d. MUSEUM – Department owns a well maintained museum with rare specimens. The museum is enriched with one of the largest collection of human skulls in Asia.
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A well equipped Cadaveric skill lab is present in the department with surgical microscope, HD camera and LED TV for live display to the students. A state level workshop was conducted on sutures & knotting in Feb2017 in it with the collaboration of Surgery and neurosurgery departments.

The department had 18 publications in international journals in past 3 years. Presently research work is being done on the skulls in view of the surgical approach to various vital structures in neurosurgery and ENT surgeries. Various anthropometric parameters are also being studied on femur for application in hip replacement and knee replacement surgeries