Department of Pathology

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Department of pathology is one of the oldest department of the GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. Department has facilities of various investigation at different labs like cytology, histology, chemical pathology, hematology, blood bank and 24 hour pathology. Every year 6 MD students and 2 diploma students take admission through NEET PG or PMS cadre.

S. No. Name Designation cv
1 Dr. Mahendra Singh Professor & Head
2 Dr. Suman Lata Verma Professor
3 Dr. Lubna Khan Associate Professor
4 Dr. Neelima Verma Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Yogendra Narayan Verma Lecturer
6 Dr. Vandana Mishra Lecturer
7 Dr. Neha Yadav Lecturer
8 Dr. Mohd. Fahimuddin Lecturer
9 Dr. Shobha Dwivedi Lecturer
10 Dr. Neetu Purwar Lecturer (Contract)
11 Dr. Anju Chandra Lecturer (Contract)
12 Dr. Shalini Shukla Lecturer (Contract)

  1. MBBS.
  2. MD – 6 Seats.
  3. DCP – 2 Diplomas.
  4. Diploma in laboratory technician.

Cytology pathology lab: facilities of FNAC, USG Guided FNAC, exfoliative cytology including vaginal cytology, sputum examination, scrape cytology, Cytological examination of various body fluids and cyto-centrifuge are available and average 4500 tests have been done each year.
Histopathology Lab: Histological examination of biopsy of various tissues are being performed and average 8400 tests have been performed every year.
Hematology lab: facilities of complete blood count, Bone marrow examination including the investigations related to the diagnosis of various types of leukemias and anaemias, Urine examination, Semen analysis are available and average 12000 tests are being performed every year.
Immunohistochemistry lab: IHC of selected tumors has been in process.
Chemical Pathology Lab: facilities of Liver function test, Renal function test, Lipid profile, Serum electrolytes, Biochemical analysis of various body fluids has been there and average 7500 test has been done each year
Blood bank: blood and blood components are supplied 24 hour, throughout the year to the patient admitted in LLRH and other hospitals of Kanpur and average 29000 units have been supplied every year
24 hour pathology lab: facilities of various hematological and biochemical investigations including ABG analysis , diabetic profile including HbA1c are being provided 24 hourly for hospital patients and on an average 5000 test have been done per day.