The department provides the best possible facilities in the city and surrounding area through the team of highly experienced ENT surgeons. The department offers the following services

  • Micro Ear Surgery
  • Endoscopic Nasal Surgery
  • Microlaryngeal Surgery
  • Cochlear implant
  • Thyroid & Head Neck Onco-surgery

Audio Vestibular assessment by

  • Pure tone Audiometry (PTA)
  • Impedance
  • BERA
  • ENG

We are running Specialty Clinics on regular basis

  • Vertigo clinic
  • Allergy clinic
  • Voice clinic
  • Oncology clinic
  • Thyroid clinic

S. No. Name Designation CV
1 Dr. S.K. Kanaujia Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Harendra Kumar Gautam Assistant Professor
3 Dr Amrita Srivastava Lecturer
4 Dr. Rohit Mehrotra Professor (Contract)
5 Dr Nishant Saurabh Saxena Lecturer (Contract))

  1. The department will be awarding Post graduate MASTERS degree to 6 students from this year onwards.
  2. Well equipped Temporal bone lab is available for pg training purposes.

Sno Name Designation OPD
1 Dr SK Kanaujia Associate professor Mon & Thurs
2 Dr Sandeep Kaushik Professor Tues & 2nd and 4th Saturday
3 Dr Rohit Mehrotra Professor Friday
4 Dr Harendra Kumar Gautam Assistant Professor Wednesday
5 Dr Amrita Srivastava Lecturer 1st & 3rd Saturday
6 Dr Nishant Saurabh Saxena Lecturer Friday