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Department of microbiology actively involved in the teaching & training of M.B.B.S. students and provide guidance to MD/MS residents in their thesis related research work. Beside this department provides all type of bacteriological and serological investigation facility to OPD / IPD patients of LLR & associated hospitals and special investigative facility to all hospitals in & around Kanpur.

S. No. Name Qualification Designation E. Mail Mobile No.
1 Dr. Jaya Garg M.D., D.N.B., M.N.A.M.S. Assistant Professor 9336423308
2 Mrs. Madhu Yadav M.Sc. Medical Microbiology Lecturer 9415921529
3 Dr. Vikas Mishra MD Associate Professor (Contract)
All Faculty members are member of National body Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist of India.

  1. Teaching and training of MBBS students.
  2. Guidance of MD/MS students in there thesis work.
  3. Training of LT’s, B.Sc. Nursing students & M.Sc. students.

Department provide all type of investigative facility like aerobic & anaerobic culture, serological test to patients of LLR & associated Hospitals and Department having following specialized laboratory services.
Sate level referral Laboratories:

  1. State Sentinel Surveillance Laboratory for Dengue, Chikungunya and Japanese Encephalitis.
  2. Department also runs a NACO funded State Reference Laboratory (SRL) for ICTC, PPTCT and Blood Banks of 34 centers of Kanpur and adjoining districts.
  3. Department also runs a NACO/UPSACS funded ICTC centre for free HIV testing and counseling .
  4. CD4/CD8 Laboratory: Cell flow cytometry is available free of cost for CD4/CD8 count of HIV patients .
  5. National centre for diseases control (NCDC), New Delhi sponsored AMR (Antimicrobial resistance Surveillance Laboratory). Started in 2015 and is currently running.
  6. Viral research diagnostic lab sponsored by UP government. Started in 2015 and is currently running for diagnosis of swine flu (H1N1) influenza.
  7. Sterility testing and infection control hospital services also provided by the department .

A. Several central and state governments funded Extra Mural research projects are completed by the department.

1. ICMR Funded project “A study on molecular epidemiology, diagnosis and therapeutic Option of carbapenemase producing Gram negative bacteria” Completion year- 2012-2015

2. ICMR Funded project “Evaluation of MicroRNAs in pathogenesis, diagnosis and prognosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection:”
Completion year- 2012-2015

3. ICMR Funded project “Markers of Dengue disease severity.”
Completion year-2012-2015

B. National centre for diseases control (NCDC), New Delhi sponsored AMR (Antimicrobial resistance Surveillance Project is started in 2015 and is currently running.



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Mrs. Madhu Yadav

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