G.S.V.M. Medical College Kanpur, known for its academic excellence world over, is named after Late Shri Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, a great freedom fighter ,who lost his life at the altar of the communal frenzy in Kanpur in March 1931.

This was the first medical college of U. P. established in independent India, forming a landmark in the annals of medical education in the state of U. P. It is one of the five medical colleges in India established under the second five year plan.


This college came into existence in November 1955 and its foundation stone was laid down by Hon’ble Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, on April 24, 1956. Late Dr. S. N. Mathur was the first Principal of this college. Teaching and training of the students was first started at King George’s Medical College, Lucknow due to pending construction of the building at Kanpur. Staff on temporary basis was recruited from 1st May, 1957 by selection through an ad hoc committee appointed by the government. The students had their training in pre-clinical subjects for the first two years at Lucknow and then the selected staff and all the students were shifted to Kanpur. Dr. C. B. Singh was mainly responsible for starting the teaching at medical college, Kanpur from 1st August 1957. This institution was inaugurated by Dr. Sampoorna Nand, Chief Minister of U. P on Dec. 13, 1959.

To begin with, the college was affiliated to Lucknow University and latter in 1968, when Kanpur University was established, the college was affiliated to it. Since then this medical college has been growing in every sphere and has earned a National and International fame for its excellent research work and teaching.

About Late Shri Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi ji…

S. No. Name Period
1 Dr. S. N. Mathur (15-02-1956 to 04-01-1957)
2 Dr. C.B. Singh (05-01-1957 to 31-03-1961)
3 Dr. S. P. Srivastava (01-05-1961 to 31-01-1963)
4 Dr. K.N.Mathur (01-02-1963 to 11-08-1971)
5 Dr. H.C.Verma (12-08-1971 to 31-10-1975)
6 Dr. P.K. Haldar (01-11-1975 to 16-04-1976)
7 Dr. R.N. Kapoor (17-04-1976 to 18-06-1978)
8 Dr. H.C. Verma (19-06-1978 to 07-04-1980)
9 Dr. Tarachandra (08-04-1980 to 27-07-1980)
10 Dr. J.R. Srivastava (28-07-1980 to 15-05-1981)
11 Dr. J.S. Mathur (16-05-1981 to 15-03-1982)
12 Dr. S.C. Gupta (16-03-1982 to 15- 05-1990)
13 Dr. V.B. Sahay (22-05-1990 to 31-07-1990)
14 Dr. Hari Gautam (18-08-1990 to 31-07-1991)
15 Dr. S.S. Dayal (01-08-1991 to 03-10-1992)
16 Dr. R.N.Tandan (04-10-1992 to 01-01-1993)
17 Dr. R.K. Srivastava (02-01-1993 to 24-08-1996)
18 Dr. M.K. Sharma (24-08-1996 to 31-07-1999)
19 Dr. M.K .Sharma (01-09-1999 to 31-07-2000)
20 Dr. R.K. Gupta ( 01-08-2000 to 23-05-2003)
21 Dr. S.K. Katiyar (24-05-2003 to 29-02-2008)td>
22 Dr. Anand Swaroop (26-03-2008 to 14-07-2012)
23 Dr. Navneet Kumar (15-07-2012 to 9-10-2018)